A better way to pack
your beauty is here.

The patent-pending Palette™ The Original High Fiver is designed to be the travel tool of your dreams. We use medical grade material to create a flexible well that holds .17 ounces of your fav product - five times over. We also designed the wells to press up, so you can get every last drop of your products out. The caps and wells interface to create a leak resistant seal so that your products stay where you want them.

A game-changer for your on-the-go and travel needs.

Let's High Five and travel the world together!


Favs A-Go-Go

Take your favs with you. Wherever you are coming from or going to. Near or far. With Palette™ The Original High Fiver you take your beauty, your skincare, and your products with you.

Whether you are at the gym, the nightclub or a week in Paris, we've got you covered! Designed with our innovative patent-pending individualized press-up wells and leak resistant system, you can bring your fav products wherever you go.