The Original High Fiver

The Original High Fiver


Meet your new best (go anywhere) friend. 

Introducing Palette™ The Original High Fiver. For all your goops, glops and glam!

Washable, reusable, game changing. This patent-pending innovative travel tool lets you customize and bring all your favorite products on-the-go, with no need for tiny travel bottles and containers. Rinse, wash, repeat. Over and over again. 

Made in the USA with a tight footprint, recycled plastic and sustainable packaging. A product you love and one that loves our world right back.

Product info:

  • Holds liquids, creams and powders

  • Squishy “press up” wells to get every last drop

  • Medical grade material in the wells

  • 30% or more recycled plastic in the base

  • 7.5” long x 1” tall x 1.5” wide

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Shipping to USA only. International sales coming soon. 

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NOTE: Limited quantities available.

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